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At Caring Family Dentistry, our mission is to serve our patients and make them our primary focus.  We are committed to a philosophy of dentistry that we call "Lifetime Care."  To maintain a commitment of being patient-centered, we will endeavor to know our patients so well and care for them so much as people that we can determine how THEY want and need to be treated.  We will educate our patients about optimal dental health and wellness for life. We will non-judgmentally deliver the highest possible level of care, with compassion, empathy, and understanding.  We will dedicate ourselves to excellence through continuing education, personal and team growth, and mastery of leading edge technology.  We will treat our patients as individuals and deliver dental care with first-class, five star service.  We will respect our patients’ time and accept them as partners in their wellness.  We will assume a leadership role as a resource - a window of information with concern for our patients' overall well-being.  We seek to positively influence our patients' quality of life through the way in which we approach, react, and respond to each patient's needs. 


Caring Family Dentistry serving the Big Rapids, Mecosta County area since 1974.


Dr. Christa Stern-Lubahn and Dr. Paul Stern are members of the ADA, MDA, and AGD.  The full range of dental services include Invisalign, braces, cosmetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry and preventative dentistry.


Caring Family Dentistry is open 5 days a week from 8:30 till 4:30 for all your family's needs. 

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